• Process verification of product movements and flow analysis of cargo, vehicles and people in the port area.

• Elaboration of operational standards, environmental standards, monitoring and analysis standards of ships' ballast water, oil spill analysis at sea and its technical and operational support.

• Harbour fender system inspection (by land and sea) to verify their structural integrity and maintenance.

• Prospection of factory installation where we search for possible industrial equipments and machine suppliers in Brazil or imported equipment suppliers which have representation or technical assistance in Brazil.

• Business intermediation related to ports and industries that are on sale and in need of international investors.

• Management analysis in Brazilian companies in Vila Velha - ES area including administrative, market, planning, accounting areas, physical space organization and customer services. Elaboration of operational standards for flow optimization of people and goods.

• Planning strategic partnerships between companies that complement or/and have similar interests of those of your business. Find business partners that bring a differential to your company.